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The Best Camping Apps

August 16, 2017

If your idea of the perfect Fall weekend or vacation includes a campsite in the great outdoors, but you need a little help with the finer points of “roughing it,” find your mobile hotspot and check out these awesome camping apps.

Classic Camping Cookbook and Meal Planner
Developed by Coleman®, the Cookout Cookbook & Meal Planner iPhone application helps families prepare meals during the busy summer camping and cookout season. Use it to find the perfect meal based on food type, category and ingredients. It also allows you to plan meals for an entire camping trip, all you have to do is choose the number of days you will be camping and let the app do the rest. It will even help you generate shopping and equipment lists so you never forget essential ingredients again.

iHandy Level
Do you find your camper van always has a bit of a tilt after you’ve pitched up, or you and your family find themselves at the bottom of their sleeping bags in the night with the downhill slope? The iHandy app can help you out by telling you what’s level and what’s not. This is a simple tool, but like the compass, can be essential for a trip to the campsite.

Star Walk Stargazing
This is another award-winning app, which you should definitely buy if you are interested in stars, constellations and satellites. If you can point your iPhone at it, you can find out what constellations and satellites you’ve been looking at and get a lot of exciting and educative information. You can even use the app to look back in time or into the future to see what the night sky might or will look like.

Flashlight uses the LED light on the iPhone to fill the screen with bright white light to illuminate your tent, camper van or caravan. It even includes special effects including: Strobe Light, S.O.S., Yin-Yang, Halloween, Candy Hearts, Holiday Lights, Photos and many more!

MyNature Animal Tracks
This is a great app to have for the kids that you can use to identify and figure out animal tracks and learn a bit more about the type of animal that left them and a bit about their habitat. It includes illustrations of both fore and hind feet with a complete description of track measurements, gait patterns used, trail widths and animal life cycles.

MyCast Weather Radar
This app has an animated radar, clouds and StormWatch severe weather alerts, allowing effortless interpretation of how the weather affects your day. Whether you are interested in weather for today, tomorrow or next week, this app has it all.

Survival Guide
Survival skills are techniques a person may use in difficult or dangerous situations (e.g. a natural disaster) to save themselves or others. However, they can also be used to better appreciate nature and for recreation. The techniques shared in this app provide advice to get basic necessities such as water, food, shelter, habitat and signal for help; navigate safely; avoid unpleasant interactions with animals and plants; and for first aid.

Source: Advantage Magazine July-August 2016 issue.

Photo by Julian Bialowas on Unsplash.

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